Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Quality Assurance and Development (QAD) Department

The Quality Assurance and Development (QAD) Department is responsible for assessing and monitoring product and service standard quality. This, being a diverse mandate, and considering the Commission oversees all products and services. The QAD operates both from a life and material sciences standpoint, as well as technical standards. For the life science operations, QAD manages a Commission testing laboratory and interfaces with other organizations with testing laboratories for tests the Commission cannot conduct. QAD works closely with the Surveillance and Enforcement (S & E) Department in providing the inspections expertise and spot product testing component of surveillance and monitoring.

QAD is the Commission’s direct and functional interface with other regulators, with respect to setting and reviewing prevailing standards. The department engages industry and assists with developing acceptable Operational Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures.

The Department continues to explore new ways of protecting consumers against hazardous and substandard products. In furtherance of this, QAD is leading the effort within the Commission in partnering with donor entities on nationwide quality projects such as the Nigerian Quality Infrastructure Programme (NQIP) of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), including nurturing the emerging FCCPC standards and certifications training institution/centre.