Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Strategic Goals

  1. Ensure that producers and service providers and their patrons mutually respect their commercial and social contracts.

  2. Diminish to the barest minimum incidents of consumer aggravation and frustration.

  3. Sufficiently protect consumers from hazardous products or injury from consumption of substandard products.

  4. Promote a quality culture in both processes and final products.

  5. Engender a marketplace of informed, sophisticated and discriminatory consumers.

  6. Provide information and be a resource to consumers regarding products, trends and patterns.

  7. Ensure that service providers and manufacturers make full disclosures of relevant information about their products, or developments with respect to consumption of their products, in a consumer friendly manner which truly guides consumers’ choices.

  8. Ensure that producers and service providers institutionalise appropriate customer care systems including providing information, appropriate support through the acquisition/consumption, and post-acquisition/consumption process.

  9. Promote the establishment of dedicated customer service apparatus by producers and service providers, including clear, transparent and accessible complaint resolution mechanisms.

  10. Hold providers and producers accountable to satisfying customers, including serving as a secondary level complaint resolution mechanism.