Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

General Guidelines

  • Requirements

    Registration with relevant government institutions. All Consumer Protection Associations (CPAs) must be currently registered non-profit organisations connected or registered in accordance with the law.

    Application for registration and/or affiliation shall be accompanied by:

    1. A copy of the certificate of registration issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or other acceptable evidence of legal status.
    2. Evidence of other approval/registration with other relevant agencies, where applicable.
    3. Detailed information about the Vision/Mission Statement, interests and geographical scope/reach.
    4. An outline of the strategic plans, specific projects, and programmes of the association.
    5. Past activities, annual reports (if any) or other evidence of activities/engagements.
    6. Brochures, prospectus, press clippings and publications of the organization.
    7. Copies of publications or other materials such as brochures, prospectus, flyers, posters or press statements/coverage.
    8. Names, addresses and other contact of directors, trustees, officers or key advisers of the association.
    9. Each officer/director should provide attestation of acceptance of the role.
    10. Evidence of membership or affiliation with any international or other bodies

  • Certificate of Registration

    Upon satisfying eligibility requirements, the Council will approve the application and issue evidence of such approval.

  • Periodic Reports

    All consumer NGOs registered with the Council shall provide annual reports of the activities of the Association and shall inform the Council of any proposed or scheduled consumer protection activities.

  • Alterations and Changes

    Where an alteration or change of name or other information provided to the Council, such as, nomenclature, officers, directors, trustees, key advisers occur, the association shall notify the Council within 14 days of such changes or risk invalidation of registration.

    Certified true copies of such alterations and changes at the CAC should also be forwarded to the Council, where applicable.

  • Collaborations

    Only duly registered consumer associations may or be recommended to collaborate with the Council with third parties.

  • Funding

    Every association must demonstrate by evidence that it has sufficient funds or express acceptable commitments from sources to carry out its operations and proposed objectives/projects.

  • Accounts and Audits

    Consumer associations registered with the Council shall keep proper accounts and proper records of all financial transactions.